Project Proposal Document

When deciding how to present our Project Proposal Document for our game we wanted to use a format that would appropriately represent our themes. We almost immediately thought about some sort of tourist media such as a map board or, what we went with in the end, a leaflet.

We started by obtaining some existing leaflets to look at the types of content and the layout that they use to inform our own design. A lot of them featured a map of the area which is something that I was keen to include as it could display some information about the game in a dynamic way. Other important things to take note of were how they structured and the size of sections of text; how many pictures were used and of course how they were folded.

Since I am lead designer, my main contributions for the PPD were the actual content as well as giving guidance on final decisions for the layout. It was a fun challenge to balance the crucial content for a good PPD with the aesthetics of the leaflet format. We spent a lot of time testing and talking through how someone will progress through our document. We considered how it should be folded so that it would be intuitive to do so while also leading the viewer to certain information first.

The final design is as follows:

  • The leaflet starts with an appropriately themed cover that simply features the title along with a tagline. At this point it should appear like a leaflet for an actual place.
  • Once folded up, a small section of information is displayed to the viewer that outlines what our game in a concise way followed by a more detailed explanation below.
  • It can then be opened to its full size with a similar motion to a book. This side of the leaflet features the more aesthetic elements such as the map; to compliment this, the content talks about some of the art and design elements of the game.
  • Once flipped over we have the majority of the larger text elements such as Project Goals, Target Audience and an overview of the Technical Information.
  • When folded back down, the back side has contact information for each of our blogs as well as a road map for next semester that is referencing the common feature to include a map to the destination that the leaflet is about.

I think that our Project Proposal Document has turned out very well; I think that the format that we chose appropriately compliments the themes of the game while successfully displaying key information about our game in a dynamic way.

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