Fictional Lore

Fictional lore refers to any work of fiction such as a book, movie or game that has dense world building to the extent that the workings of that world can be visualised in great detail.

The images above are examples of some movies, TV shows and games that I am especially interested in and have rich lore.

Research Questions

  • What factors influences fictional lore?
    • Environmental?
    • Political?
    • Personal?
    • Social?
    • Time period?
  • Why do people get invested in fictional lore?
    • Is it for escapism?
  • Is dense world building better than one-off stories?
  • How are the worlds created?
    • Rules
    • History
    • Characters
    • Setting
  • What are some example of popular/successful fictional lore?
    • Sci-Fi
    • Fantasy

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