Presentation Two

For the phase two presentation the aim was to showcase our chosen theme through the most interesting/exciting aspects of our research. I took it upon myself to put a lot of effort into my PowerPoint to emphasise my enthusiasm for my the Canadian boreal to the class.

I structured my presentation with sub-sections based on key part of my research such as conservation, animals and portage since I had a range of topics to cover. I wanted to focus on the information that I found the most fascinating since I would be more confident at making it all sound fascinating to others and these would be the kinds of things I would want to take forward into the next phase.

I spent a lot of time implementing buttons to navigate the presentation as well as some clever use of the slide zoom feature. I got some interesting feedback on this saying that it made it feel like some tourist information material; while this was not necessarily a conscious decision on my part, I appreciate that the effort I put in had a positive, contextual effect on at least some people.

This presentation went far more smoothly then my first since I rehearsed what I was going to say for each section. I feel like I conveyed everything that I wanted to with enough detail while not overwhelming my audience; I also feel like my enthusiasm was effectively shared with my class since I quickly saw the effects of it. Shortly after we had all finished presenting, we started considering grouping up with our people and their themes and I immediately had interest in my theme from a number of people which was very satisfying to see.

This presentation has shown me how significant it is to present work to a high standard both visually and structurally while also showing enthusiasm.

PowerPoint link:

Alex – Phase Two.pptx

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