Core Game

We decided as a team that it would be wise to establish the ‘core game’ that would function as the MVP (minimum viable product). This would include only the essential mechanics that would make up our idea and would be a basis to build upon. Once this is established we think that if we go ahead and make that version first, not only would we technically have a working game much sooner but we can also then add the next most important features and so on until we either deem the game finished or we run out of time. With this plan now in place, we started to nail down exactly what we thought should make up the MVP.

We started with a simple mind map as a means to quickly visualise our thoughts. Since our game revolves around portage (the sailing on and carrying of a canoe), the mechanics that would allow this to take place were the most important features. The player must be able to use the canoe on water; walk around on land; pick up the canoe; walk while holding the canoe; place it down in water and get back in to sail off again if they hope to progress at all. Once we have these simple but essential mechanics in a place that is both engaging and practical then we can move on to the next important features.

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