Presentation Three

The purpose of the phase three presentation was to appropriately showcase our current game ideas to the rest of the class with the aim of getting feedback and choosing one to take through. Our team, however, approached the presentation slightly differently since we had already decided on the game that we wanted to take forward so we instead focused our PowerPoint on that one idea.

The content of our presentation aimed to inform the audience, through visuals and our own explanations, what exactly our idea was about and how we were going to go about fulfilling those requirements. We established sound, visuals and interactions as three key areas of the game so put the most effort into demonstrating these things with examples.

We had also made a couple of prototypes at this point so included and discussed these to appropriate detail. I captured my prototypes being played through in a GIF format so that it could easily be incorporated into the PowerPoint; Adam did the same for his but Jamie’s required sound so it was captured as a video which all ended up working well.

Something that we were struggling on at the time was deciding on an appropriate art style for the game; this ‘discussion’ would escalate somewhat (Art Style Drama) but for now we were simply looking for some external input. We included a slide for each of the styles we were considering at the time and each of us explained the style that we were backing respectively. Some feedback did come in but I think we were all too attached to our own style to properly acknowledge it.

Overall I don’t think this presentation was as successful as my previous one but did the job nonetheless. Since the aim of the presentations was to decide on one game idea and we had already done that, it wasn’t imperative that we had to put in any exceptional effort more than jut explaining our idea.

PowerPoint link:

Alex – Phase Three.pptx

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