New Team

My team came together quickly but that’s not to say that we didn’t spend time considering our strengths and why we would be a benefit to each other and the task ahead. An initial worry of mine was that a group size of 4 would be too large as it could mean too many people working on too little; this issue was soon gone once I saw that everyone was very invested in the theme and keen to work hard to make a great game.

Now that our team was initiated, we went about setting up some services that would aid us along the production of the game. This included a Slack channel for formal talks and resources sharing; a Trello board that isn’t doing a whole lot right now but will kick into action once we start creating properly; a Messenger group chat for more informal chats about the team/project; a Google account primarily for uploading to a shared Drive and an Instagram account to try and encourage us to promote our team/game throughout the whole process. I’m glad that we sorted out these formalities so soon as now we could focus on the fun creating/developing parts.



  • @thehut.gda

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