Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology refers to the native pagan beliefs of the Norse (vikings) before they converted to Christianity. Now referred to as mere myths, these beliefs stemmed from the Nordic people’s connection and appreciation for the world around them. Consisting of woven tales of Gods and Goddesses, these stories were so to provide meaning to the lives of those that chose to believe.

Above are some images of Norse mythology that I chose as they depict a variety of aspects ranging from the Gods, to the runes, to the lore.

Research Questions

  • Who followed these beliefs?
    • Why did they follow them?
    • Where in the world?
  • What was the daily life of those who followed these beliefs?
    • What was their social structure?
    • How did the beliefs impact daily life?
      • What rituals were involved?
    • How did daily life impact their beliefs?
  • What became of these beliefs?
    • Why are they not practised anymore?
  • What was the structure of these beliefs?
    • How many Gods were part of it?
      • What was their relationship with each other?
      • What was their relationship with the world?

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