Norse Mythology Research

I tried to look into as many aspects of Norse Mythology as I could so that I would be able to find an area or areas that interest me the most to focus on. My initial points of interest are represented below in the mind map; these include details on the cosmology, some of the Gods and the general way of life of the Vikings.

After conducting this research I have chosen some areas that interest me the most:

Runes – I like the idea that the runes have more meaning than a single letter would. They instead represent a cosmological principle and to inscribe a rune was to direct the force of that principle. The Norse valued these runes so highly that the mythical origin of them refers to Odin sacrificing himself to achieve the wisdom of the runes.

Lore/Tales – The stories that the Norse came up with about their world and the others that they believed in are equally intricate as they are fascinating and absurd. In searching for meaning in the universe they devised eight other worlds, each with gods, races or creatures that inhabit them. These myths would usually have a real-world implication such as a giant serpent causing earthquakes or mistletoe growing high up in trees because it was banished their after it caused the death of a beloved God. The idea of creating meaning where there is none, or associating things with arbitrary myths interests me.

Vikings – There are a lot of stereotypes about Vikings being vicious yet honourable warriors, and while some of them certainly were, it does not apply to the general case of Vikings. Overall, they were usually quite secluded, self-driven people that lived in

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