I have always found forested environments fascinating because of the variety of plants and animals that can exist there. Of course, there are many types of forests all over the world that host unique flora and fauna so, after a little research, I narrowed down my focus to look at specifically Boreal and Temperate forests. These two biomes are generally situated in colder climates and interest me in particular due to the types of trees and animals present.

The mood boards above include two images of each type of forest in each of the seasons. Since both the environments change drastically throughout the year, I wanted to visualise and compare these changes clearly. Doing this has prompted me to consider change, and in this case specifically seasons, as a key theme.

Research Questions

  • What flora are present?
    • Types of trees?
    • Types of plants?
  • What fauna are present?
    • Types of mammals?
    • Types of birds?
    • What is the food chain?
  • Where in the world are they?
    • How does location vary the plants and animals?
    • How does the terrain vary?
  • What factors specify these types of forests?
    • Temperature?
    • Flora?
    • Fauna?
  • How do the forests change?
    • How do seasons affect them?
    • How has climate change affected them?
    • How has evolution affected them?
    • How are they preserved?
    • How do the plants and animals adapt?

Overall I aim to look into what makes up these forests, both in terms of flora and fauna, as the general environments of these forests are what interest me most. Also the idea of change is of significant interest to me; seasons are a fascinating example of natural change that occurs consistently to forests and I am keen to research this process.

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