Rough Start

Phase four had a rough start because there was still a lot of uncertainty and different opinions that still needed to be resolved. I assumed that we were all in agreement on the core ideas of the game and only needed to sort out the art style, but that began to fall away a bit as people were having doubts about key aspects of the game.

One concern was that the game wouldn’t be fun, which is a valid concern, but to counter that an idea was to include a narrative of some sort on a whim. This caused a lot of disagreement as some of us were for and some were against this but no one had any proper reason for this other than preference. We had a couple of issues like this that looked like they were going nowhere are no one wanted to stand down on their ideas.

In the end we had to have a chat with our lecturer to try and sort things out but quickly people were saying that they wanted to leave the group. I was one of those people because I felt that we had reached a point in which our ideas were clashing and I didn’t want to compromise the initial game idea that I wanted to make. Equally, we all agreed that it might be easier to split because we had had a number of disagreements recently and they were slowing down progress too much. Eventually we did resolve most of the tension within the group by trying to establish more concrete rolls for each person. The idea behind this was to have a pipeline for ideas that meant that some people would have more of a say in different areas of the development. I took the roll of the overall design leader since the idea was originally mine so that I would be able to have final say for design but would influenced by factors put forward by the lead developer and artist.

This definitely helped to provide some structure within the team and allowed us to move forward each with specific tasks to complete. I now know the benefit to having specific roles within a group so that there is structure and we don’t get hung up while everyone is trying to defend all of their own ideas.

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