Art Style Mood Boards

When our team had our big art style drama we decided it would be good to create mood boards for for the style that we were each suggesting. In my case, I wanted to use pixel art so I created some mood boards that had pictures of existing games or individual pieces of art that I found online.

My first mood board features Fez and Kingdom. Fez’s style is definitely too bright and cartoony for our game but I referenced it to show an example of a very unique approach with pixel art. Kingdom, on the other hand, has a much more realistic style while still being quite simplistic. It manages to create aesthetically pleasing assets at a relatively small scale with a limited colour palette. I imagine our game would follow close to this style but with a perceptive that incorporates more depth than a simple side-scrolling view.

Mood board two features A Short Hike and Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery. A Short Hike is technically a 3D game but it has a filter that makes the game appear to have pixel art assets. I partly included this game to satisfy our team member that wanted a 3D game but also because I really like the colour scheme and design choices. Superbrothers has a very distinct art style but I wanted to focus on the composition of the levels. The background and environment is made up of 2D assets but since the game lets you walk up and down, it creates a sense of depth within the world. This illusion is done through manipulating the perspective of the environment and could be something that we make use of. It is also interesting how the game doesn’t solely use pixels, opting to have a more dynamic background as well as certain sprites and effects that aren’t pixel art.

This mood board has Inmost on the left and Eastward on the right. I like how Inmost sticks to a single colour gradient that compliments the mood of the game. Despite only using shades of blue, the game manages to create some really nice shapes, animations and lighting effects. Eastward I included for its pastel colour scheme which I find to be very calming.

These are a collection of forest scenes or assets that I found mainly on Pinterest. A lot of them utilise a restricted colour scheme to limit detail but emphasise depth.

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