Canadian Boreal Forest

Canadian Boreal Forest Sketchbook pages 1-9

I started my deep dive research by finding a collection of significant facts about the boreal forests of North America to help me get a general and educated understanding before looking into specific areas. This helped me to appreciate the scale and importance of this area of the world and what makes it so special. I hadn’t quite comprehended the size of the forest until I learnt that it is larger than all but 6 countries and is the largest area of untouched forest in the world (1.2 billion acres). Facts such as the size and how well (or not) it is conserved are things that I want to promote going forward with research and design ideas.

Conservation of the environment is a huge topic in the world right now so I was eager to learn how this applies to the boreal in Canada but also I didn’t want to dwell on it too much for the sake of it. A lot of articles about this topic tend to focus on negative things as that’s what draws the attention of angry conservationists but I was much more interested in discovering the positive aspects which generally were closer to the truth. While there certainly is a negative influence from logging, mining and industrialisation, the forest is still largely protected with a positive trend in a good direction. Sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches to logging is an example of how the forest is maintained while also being utilised for industrial means; I am more interested in and would much rather focus on the positive ways that the forest is conserved than the negative ways that it is affected.


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