Generating Ideas

We started this phase by trying to generate ideas from different directions; exploring our initial basic concepts for gameplay, mechanics and art styles to see where this would take us. Each of us had our own colour pen and we simply would write up any and all ideas that we had for each of the headings. This was a good way for us to see how the rest of the team was visualising the theme and allowed us to bounces ideas around.

From here we began to list off all of our more substantial ideas for games in one or two sentences; the intent being to get as many down as we could using what we had discussed on the previous mind maps. We spent a lot of time talking about each idea – how they would play and what would be the purpose of them. Since it was my theme initially, I had the most research-based knowledge to back up my ideas. This was beneficial to providing relevant insight for my own and the rest of the teams ideas. For example, a game idea based around the seasons was suggested so I could refer to my research on how seasons function and affect the boreal.

Once we had generated a substantial quantity of ideas, it was time to go through and develop the ones that we felt strongest about.

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