Presentation One

I made a presentation to explain to my class what my four themes were and why I find them fascinating. I broke each theme down into key facts and a description of the theme itself while using images to help with visualisation. Since I was more interested in Norse mythology and boreal forests and I had more research into them, I spent more time of the presentation on these two themes. I did this since I knew that my class would be reflecting on each of my themes before voting on which they think I should pursue and wanted to encourage their vote accordingly.

After presenting I was somewhat satisfied with my efforts but not entirely. While the content of my PowerPoint was satisfactory and certainly looked appealing, I didn’t get around to properly practising what I was going to say and therefore I didn’t feel like I communicated everything I wanted to with enough detail. This is partly due to how much I had given myself to do in the week leading up to the presentation but I still could have found time to at least run through it in my head. Next time I will make sure to rehearse enough so that I am confident in what I want to get across.

PowerPoint link:

Alex – Phase One.pptx

PDF link:

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